About Liqui Fresh

Liqui Fresh Food Corporation is proud to carry on the Food Cart business by providing quality service to its customers.  From our humble beginnings in the year 2012 it all started with a blender, bunch of fruit and it lives by the philosophy that “The Customer is the Blood of the Company”. In the year 2014 Goola was established as a new concept serving a high flavored Jelly Juice drinks without eliminating healthy, affordable and quality wise in order to be the best.

Aloha Frappe
Aloha Frappe is an exciting new concept from the Goola which assured to be the next big thing. It is a frozen milk-fruit and coffee flavored mixture on the go with whipped cream on top and made with shaved ice beverages that will surely love by different ages and will take inspiration from all time favourite.

Thus, the company constantly strives to develop and implement new ideas in terms of producing different foods and beverages. It aims to be the ultimate in Healthy food in the industry. The principal people behind our company is well versed in food cart operations, being exposed in the same industry for more than five years.

Today, Goola and Aloha Frappe’ has grown significantly from its humble beginnings and served throughout cities and several provinces.

The success of LFFC is all thanks to you. Thank you for keeping us inspired!